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Households waste 1bn meals daily in 2022 – UN report

Households waste 1bn meals daily in 2022 – UN report

By Sandra Asante

Households worldwide wasted over 1 billion meals per day in 2022 according to The Food Waste Index Report 2024, which was composed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

The report disclosed that 783 million people were affected by hunger and a third of humanity faced food insecurity. It further showed 1.05 billion tonnes of food waste generated which equated to 132 kilograms per capita and nearly one-fifth of all food available to consumers.

Additionally, 60 percent (60%) of food waste came about at the household level, with food services and retail contributing 28 percent ( 28%) and 12 percent ( 12%), respectively.

The report, which was published ahead of the International Day of Zero Waste, highlighted the staggering scale of food waste, its detrimental effects on the economy and environment, and the urgent need for action.

Inger Andersen, The Executive Director of UNEP, described food waste as a “global tragedy” with far-reaching consequences for both human development and the environment.

She emphasized the need for countries to prioritize food waste reduction efforts to mitigate climate impacts and economic losses.

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