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How to preserve homemade spices


By Bridget Baidoo and Esther Botchway

#YUMMY! YUMMY! THURSDAY!! Segment of GTV’s Breakfast Show saw an in- depth analysis of the health benefits one derives from homemade spices as well as its preservation.

CEO of the College of Culinary and Hospitality Management, Lady Thelma Boye highlighted some of the health benefits in making natural spices which included; the lack of preservatives, absence of any flavour enhancer and the properties it contains aids in the fight against any illness especially cancer.

She added that the only difference between a spice and an herb is the fact that the spice is a seed whereas herbs are mostly leaves.

These elements both have natural oil present and to get an effective and aromatic feel to your homemade spice, you must extract the oil by lightly toasting the ingredients before grinding them together to get the natural state of the spice you are making.

Speaking on the preservation process, Lady Boye said that the most efficient way to keep your spices fresh at all times is to make it in small quantities, in an airtight container and refrigerated. This process can keep your spice aromatically fresh for well up to six months.

”Moderation is the key in making delicious homemade spices and finding the right ingredients and mixing them in the right way”.

She cautioned that if not mixed in the right way, it will go bad and turn bitter and that another sure way of contaminating your spices is by scooping them out with a damp spoon so she strongly advised against it by saying dry spoons was a better option.

For an illustration, Lady Boye demonstrated how to prepare a homemade curry powder as it is an essential spice in the market today.

She started by mixing natural ingredients such as coriander, cumin, black pepper, fenugreek, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks and the most important ingredient of all turmeric powder in a ceramic mortar to give it the yellowish colour and flavour.

Before mixing the ingredients, she had to lightly toast the ingredients together to get rid of the excess oil.

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