The Daily Graphic is happy that the world has not experienced another war since 1948 and attributes this to the role the UN has played since the last World War although there are still many wars and conflicts around the world. On the centenary celebration of the end of World War 1, christened Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, the Graphic pays tribute to all those who have played various roles including the founding fathers of the UN to ensure a more peaceful world since 1948.  The paper urges the UN and Security Council as well as protagonists in places such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, Syria among others to strengthen and activate their response systems and conflict resolution mechanisms to bring these crisis to an end.

The Ghanaian Times is worried about inadequate food storage facilities in Ghana which make foodstuffs go bad or get rotten in many parts of the country. The paper believes the solution to this problem is the Ghana Commodity Exchange platforms whose operations are meant to provide room for storage for some of staple foods. It believes that one good thing about the Commodity Exchange is its ability to ensure timely delivery and settlement of commodities that are traded in by buyers and sellers. It believes that to make the Commodity Exchange very workable, its operators would have to work closely with the Ghana Standard Authority so that standardised weights and graded commodities are what will be made available to buyers.

The Daily Heritage is worried about the constant rise in road accidents in the country. It is particularly worried since Christmas is fast approaching and the rains would be falling intermittently making the roads very slippery. The paper therefore calls for CCTV cameras on the roads to help apprehend reckless drivers. It believes if the country invests in this technology drivers would drive more carefully and defaulters would be used as a deterrent for others to ensure that lives are not lost due to road accidents.

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