Ghana is today commemorating the 72nd anniversary of the 28 February, Christianborg crossroads shooting incident.

This is celebrated every year to honor ex-servicemen, Sergeant Adjetey, Corporal Attipoe and Private Odartey Lamptey, who were shot and killed in an attempt to present a petition to demand for their gratuities after the second world war

On Saturday, 28th February 1948, a number of unarmed ex-servicemen were on a march to the Christianborg Castle to present a petition to the Governor and Commander-In-Chief, Sir Gerald Creasy.

The group was intercepted at the Christiansborg Crossroads by a contingent of armed policemen led by British Superintendent, Colin Imray who ordered the ex-servicemen to disperse.

When his orders were disobeyed, he reportedly gave the order to the police to open fire. But when his order was not complied with, Imray fired at the ex-servicemen, killing Sergeant Adjetey, Corporal  Attipoe and Private. Odartey Lamptey.

The shooting incident infuriated Ghanaians who were unhappy with the oppressive rule of the colonial administration.

There was a massive riot resulting in the looting of European and Asian shops. Dr Kwame Nkrumah, who later became the First President of Ghana and other nationalists were arrested and imprisoned for allegedly being the brains behind the riots.

Recommendations, by the Watson Commission of Inquiry, culminated into Ghana’s independence on March 6, 1957.

There would be wreath-laying and flag-raising ceremony as part of activities to mark the day.

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