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Just like the dress we wear speaks much about us, the color of our teeth also speaks a lot about us.

Almost everyone is born with white teeth but the type of foods we eat leave stains on our teeth over time

Just like yellow teeth could be edited in Photoshop into a white teeth, we can equally make our teeth look white all the time using natural means since not everyone can afford to go to a dentist to have their teeth whitened.

Using ginger, sea salt, lemon juice and toothpaste is one of the most common and natural ways of whitening teeth.


  1. Mix half teaspoon of sea salt with a peeled grate ginger and some freshly squeezed lemon juice with a small amount of toothpaste in a bowl.
  2. Apply the mixture to your teeth, and leave it on for a minute before rinsing your mouth thoroughly.
  3. This practice should be done twice a week for a month continuously and you will have perfect whitened teeth.


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