Number of Women MMDCEs nominated is impressive- Dr Grace Adasi

By Nathaniel Nartey

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A Gender Activist and Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Grace Adasi has described the number of female nominees in the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives, MMDCEs list released on September 19, 2021 as “very impressive”.

She was particularly impressed with the number of female nominees in the Greater Accra Region where 8 of the 29 nominees are females.

The total number of female nominees also increased from 36 in President Akufo-Addo’s first term to 38.

Dr. Adasi was also happy with the female nominees in the North of Ghana, where the Northern, Savannah, Upper East and Upper West Regions, all had females selected. The Ahafo and Western-North were the only Regions without female representation.

“We have 16.03% in 2017 of women being appointed as the MMDCEs and 17.43% in 2021. So clearly here is improvement and we should look at the future that more women will be given the opportunity to serve, even in the Northern regions, with the nominations though minimal, it is very impressive because looking at the cultural norms there, I wasn’t expecting any woman to get the appointment but this is the case where they have been given the nod,” according to Dr. Adasi.

Regional breakdown of Women nominees for DCE positions.

  1. Ahafo Region – 0 out of 6
  2. Ashanti Region – 4 out of 43
  3. Bono – 1 out of 12
  4. Bono East Region – 1 out of 11
  5. Central Region – 3 out of 22
  6. Eastern Region – 5 out of 33
  7. Greater Accra Region – 8 out of 29
  8. Northern Region – 1 out of 16
  9. NorthEast Region – 2 out of 6
  10. Oti Region – 2 out of 8
  11. Savannah Region – 2 out of 7
  12. Upper East Region – 3 out of 15
  13. Upper West Region – 3 out of 11
  14. Volta Region – 1 out of 18
  15. Western Region – 2 out of 14
  16. Western North Region – 0 out of 9.


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