ECG disconnects power to Cape Coast Sports stadium and two steel companies in Tema


The Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG, has disconnected two steel manufacturing companies in the Tema Enclave, Fabremetal and Star Steel from the National Grid.

Fabremetal owes about 28 million Cedis while Star Steel was unable to settle its 18 million Cedis debt.

They were taken off the grid because they could not pay when officials of ECG visited them.

The Electricity Company of Ghana began its revenue mobilization exercise on the 20th of this month to recover five point seven billion cedis debts owed by its customers.

The National taskforce visited some steel manufacturing companies in the Tema Industrial area to recover outstanding debts.

B5 plus, a leading steel manufacturing company, was the first point the team visited. After hours of negotiations, a prompt partial payment of 20 million out of the 40 million cedis debt owed was paid.

Fabrimetal was the next stop. The Company owed 28 million Cedis but was unable to pay after hours of negotiations leading to the disconnection.

Star Steel also owed 18 million Cedis and was disconnected.

Addressing the Media, the External Communications Manager of ECG, Laila Abubakari said the disconnected companies will be reconnected after payment.

The ECG said defaulting companies and those disconnected would be monitored to ensure that they do the right thing.

Meanwhile, the Tema oil refinery has made part payment of about five million cedis out of the 30 million cedis it owed ECG.

Management of TOR are hopeful to pay all arrears by the close of week.


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