Why everyone is confusing Morgan Freeman with Kofi Annan


A lot of things have been said about the late Nobel Peace laureate Kofi Annan who died on August 18, aged 80 after a short illness.
To many, Kofi was a great visionary, an intelligent leader at the helm of the United Nations where he served as the Secretary General from 1997 to 2006 who had judicious diplomatic skills that he capped with his soft spoken demeanour.
But what he took great pleasure in sometimes was his great resemblance to legendary American actor, producer and narrator Morgan Freeman.
Side by side they could pass as twins; from the grey hair, eyes, age moulded face to chiselled cheekbones and lean frame. The unmistakeable attributes able to confuse a not so keen eye.
Perhaps the reason why some individuals and news outlets across the globe could not differentiate between the two as they broke the news of Kofi’s passing in Switzerland.
Kofi Annan knew it too. According to DNAIndia.com, he was once approached in Italy to sign autographs by fans who thought he was Freeman. He signed and walked away fast!
The inverse has also happened, monks protesting against the Rohingya incident inadvertently used a picture of Freeman in the placards instead of his!
He joked about his doppelganger during his 80th birthday celebration in April.
Take a look at the similarities between the two below…

Morgan Freeman and Kofi Annan

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