Valentine's Day: Romantic Ways To Say ‘I'm In Love With You’

Do you want to be romantic to that ‘special one’ and yet do not always know how to express it in a way that feels right? Well, Valentine’s Day – Celebrated every year on February 14, is here and may be the right time to express your love and affection to that person.
As the world marks Valentine’s Day, saying ‘I love you’ to your partner is as important as it gets.
Here are simple ways of saying “I’m in love with you” to that special one on St. Valentine’s Day without stress:

  1. I’m totally into you
  2. I’m moonstruck
  3. I’m smitten
  4. I’m loved up
  5. I’m love-struck
  6. I am head over heels in love with you
  7. I am hopelessly in love with you
  8. I want to wake up with you
  9. I ‘wanna’ grow old with you
  10. I am enamored with you

People who fall in love are said to be ‘struck by Cupid’s arrow’ so if you are so much in love, make this day count with these simple tips.


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