HSWU says Strike is still on

Patricia Tweneboah

By Nathaniel Nartey

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Twitter: @Annertey_Nartey

The Health Services Workers Union says its strike is still in force following a meeting with the government on October 27, 2021 which ended in a stalemate. This is despite promises by the Minister of Employment Labour Relations Ignatius Baffour Awuah during the meeting that the concerns of the Health Services Workers Union will be resolved.

The Deputy General Secretary of the Union, Patricia Tweneboah told GBC News that an MOU will be drafted and presented to the National Executive Council of the Union, it will be reviewed and a decision on it.

“We had the discussions about the issues alright but it wasn’t conclusive…..the understanding was that an MOU will be drafted by the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and a copy will be sent to the Union for us to go through and if we agree to it, the parties will sign it then we will communicate to our NEC for us to take a decision on it…..as at now we haven’t been able to communicate to our members to call of the strike and so if you visit the various facilities you will realise that most of the members are not at post”, he noted.

Meanwhile, the Union has highlighted the Extra Risk Allowance as the major reason for which it has decided to go on strike. Other allowances such as fuel allowance for senior staff and uniform allowance for members have also contributed to the nationwide strike. Madam Patricia Tweneboah said the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission turned down several calls for these allowances to be paid with the excuse that it does not have the mandate to do so. She was not happy at the situation where sister unions such as the Ghana Medical Association and the Ghana National Registered Nurses and Midwives Association have been able to secure their allowances while the Health Services Workers Union continues to struggle with theirs.

“The key things that we wanted for our members they (Fair Wages and Salaries Commission) said they don’t have the mandate to accept it…. we are talking about extra risk allowance and this one was turned down. Also, fuel allowance for our Senior officers then uniform allowance which were all turned down”.


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