The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has indicated that it is investigating the operations of the Golden Empire’s  Legacy. It is involved in trading of Gold.

The Director-General of SEC, Rev. Daniel Ogbarmey Tetteh said the company has not been licensed by the Commission, though it offers returns on investments to customers.

The operations of Golden Empire Legacy Limited and its association with gold trade comes almost a year into the debacle that hit the securities market following locked up investments with Menzgold Dealership company.

He furthered cautioned the public to be wary of risk to their investments until SEC completes its investigations.

“We have received some notice through the usual channels by which people notify us of these schemes and we will follow our usual due procedure in advising clients. But it is important for investors to always ask questions and one of the fundamental questions you should ask before you place your money with any firm is to find out the underlying investment because when somebody promises a high return and further states that the return is guaranteed, it means that there is high risk involved and you are better advised to look for the exit d,” he said.

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