Selection of Players: Ghana’s biggest Problem

Ghana's biggest Problem
Sports Analysts, Ekow Asmah

By: Roberta Gayode Modin

Sports Analysts, Ekow Asmah has identified an improper way of selecting players for the national team as a contributor to the abysmal performance at previous World Cup events.

Speaking on the GTV Sports+ Match Day Show, he indicated that the country is adorned with an overload of football talents, however, talented players are neglected because nepotism and favoritism are the yardsticks for the selection.
“If you check Ghana’s history we have always had great players it is the “kululu” selection, that is the only thing messing with Ghana. If the kululu selection were to end tomorrow we’ll win the world cup”, he stated.

Meanwhile, there is tension at the Black Stars camp ahead of their opening match against the Seleçāo Das Quinas of Portugal on Thursday, November 24, 2022 at the Ras Abu Aboud stadium.

“It is true that before the game come we’ll feel the stress, we’ll feel the pressure. It’s world cup and we are playing against Portugal. It’s normal, if you don’t it then you are not human”, Black Stars Captain, Andre Ayew added.

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