2021 NSMQ: Splendid Performance KETASCO!

By Ernest Obeng-Anim

Last Friday, November 26, 2021 Keta Senior High School made history when for the first time it faced Prempeh College and Presbyterian Boys Senior High School in the final of this year’s National Science and Maths Quiz.

Although Keta Senior High School did not win the coveted trophy, the brilliant performance of the students thrilled the country. This is because since the inception of the quiz in 1993 it has been the well-known and endowed schools such as Prempeh College, Presbyterian Boys, Achimota, Adisadel, Opoku Ware and Mfantsipim that have dominated the top with Presec winning it six times.

However, this year most of the less endowed schools such as Chemu and Keta Senior High kicked out Schools like Achimota and Adisadel to the shock and admiration of all and sundry.

Keta Senior High School for example, was not tipped by many to reach the final, even though in previous years it had made an impact in getting to the quarter finals at one stage.

Due to the sterling performance of the students, the majority of Ghanaians rallied behind the school to win the trophy to encourage the less endowed ones.

Unfortunately, Keta Senior High School was submerged by the two giants in the game with Prempeh College defeating the defending Champions, Presec. Though the students from Keta High School did not win the trophy, they gave a very good account of themselves by exhibiting confidence and brilliant knowledge in Science and Mathematics.

The only Female among the participants also made history of being the First Lady to have made it to the final in eight years. The splendid performance of Keta SHS at the quiz attracted a lot of applause from Ghanaians and the participants and their teachers have had uncountable invitations from media houses including the State Broadcaster, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, GBC which presented a Laptop each to the participants.

For the past 28 years, the National Science and Maths Quiz has unearthed a lot of potential in Science and Mathematics, but the practical aspect of Science is lacking.

The programme is a laudable one which should be sustained, but reviewed to include the practical aspect to avoid people thinking that the students are only doing “chew and pour”. This will help the students to implement the theory they learn in the Classroom. The participants and their teachers as well as the Schools have done a yeoman’s job and should be commended.

Special recognition should be given to the Students and their Teachers by the State. The Teachers should be given Scholarships to further their studies and the students taken care of throughout their education. This will motivate other Teachers to show commitment in their work and encourage their Students to focus on their books to have a brighter future.

The performance of the less endowed schools indicate that the Free Senior High School concept is yielding good dividends.

Brilliant students who hitherto would have been out of school due to financial constraints are now in school, courtesy the free SHS.

Another programme that has contributed to the upliftment of performance in the less endowed Schools is the Computerized School Selection and Placement System, CSSPS. This has ensured a fair distribution of students to all Schools. The era where the well-endowed Schools select all the excellent Students is over.

Again the distribution of Teachers has also contributed to the achievements of Students in the less endowed Schools. In the past, most of the renowned schools attracted the teachers leaving the others to struggle. Although a lot has been achieved through the government’s programmes in the Education Sector, more needs to be done to expand and resource all Schools to enhance their performance as Keta Senior High School has exhibited.

Kudos to Prempeh College for taking the trophy, we say better luck next time to Presec and KETASCO, yes! the sky’s the limit.


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