Ghana touted “Best Investment Destination”

Source: Ghana Olympic Committee.

News Commentary Looks at Ghana Being touted “Best Investor Destination”

By: Dr. Kofi Amponsah-Bediako, a Development Communication Expert

It is well known that countries around the world are going through serious economic difficulties in shaping up. Countries progress and develop as a way of making their people happy and satisfied. Difficulties prevail in every place in the world but much depends on the managers of the economy. It is in the light of this that sound economic management is needed to address all challenges facing a country. Without such sound economic management, it will be difficult for any country to make it to the top in the world. This is a great challenge facing all countries and governments. It is not an easy task to see Ghana as the best investment destination in Africa. What this means is that all investors, be they individuals or corporate bodies, can come into the country for investment purposes. The truth of the matter is that the country is transparent in its management of national affairs in all sectors of the economy. This builds confidence in the investment climate, thereby encouraging prospective investors and attracting investors into the country. The court system is also working and any investors can be protected under the laws of the country. Apart from the rule of law, there is freedom of expression and investors are always free to go about their duties without fear or favor provided the laws of the country are obeyed. It is equally important to note that the economy has recovered from the COVID-19 Pandemic and is doing reasonably well. Indications are that within a short time, the economy will be on a sound footing. Business entities are making profit as expected. Many investors are already in the country and doing well in their respective areas of operation. This is what Ghana today has become and that is why many investors are coming into the country from various parts of the world. In addition to all this, Ghanaians are also friendly naturally and will be prepared to assist all foreign investors to go about their duties with ease. There is total peace in the country and this is encouraging all business men and women to go about their duties and operations without much difficulty. This peaceful and conducive atmosphere ought to be maintained at all times.


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