As Ghana joins the rest of the world to celebrate Mental Health Day tomorrow (October 11), the Daily Graphic calls on government, to take immediate steps to address the funding gap in mental health. This will enable the Authority to focus on its mandate of ensuring a sound mind for the nation. The paper calls for urgent attention for tramadol abuse which is claiming lives of the youth especially. The paper notes that the recent spate of tramadol abuse is becoming alarming and the earlier something is done, the better.

The Ghanaian Times urges civil society, the political class, media and the people to rally behind the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC), to ensure that the usage of oil revenue is well coordinated so that the intended benefit is felt by the ordinary Ghanaian. The paper says it is surprising that the political class which actually drafted the Act and the inherent funds are breaching it with impunity. It notes that Ghanaians have not felt the real impact of the solid extractive mineral sector and will be most disappointed to see the oil sector travel that tangent. The paper urges those in authority to let the oil be a true blessing to its citizens and not a curse as it has been in other countries.

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