The Daily Graphic expresses the need to boost the fight against corruption. It describes corruption as one of the most destructive impediments to economic and social development. The paper says despite Ghana’s good governance and democratic credentials, corruption still remains a canker in the public service and society. The Graphic is urging government to focus on petty corruption such as bribes to obtain items from the public sector, which mostly affect majority of the people. The paper notes that the fight against corruption is a collaborative one which requires the attention and input of the people.

The Ghanaian Times is alarmed at the sheer number of children suffering from heart diseases in the country and the financial challenge that comes with it.  It says that about seven thousand children suffer congenital heart diseases every year in Ghana, hence the need to provide cure for the ailment. The Times therefore backs calls by the head of cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Allied Sciences, Prof. Frank Edwin for political priority to be placed on cardiovascular diseases and appeals to government to provide more infrastructure and funding for the cardiac care in the country for patients especially children to benefit from it.

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