The Ghanaian Times welcomes all kids to ‘My First Day at School’ which was marked yesterday across the country. The paper says the first day at school is full of promises as it is the beginning of acquisition of knowledge through education in the classroom. The paper believes that education undoubtedly is a means to enrich lives, open minds and expose kids to things beyond their familiar world, which is why it is important to support education because, without it, one will not fit into today’s world. The Times, encourages that government through GES is undertaking reforms in the education sector to provide quality education from kindergarten to Senior High School. The Paper is however hopeful that government would provide adequate facilities as well as teaching and learning materials to schools as the academic year starts.

The Daily Graphic urges eligible voters to check their names in the ongoing exhibition exercise. It anticipates a slow start to the exercise, but hopes it will pick up with time. The paper appeals to all registered voters and political parties to take keen interest in the national exercise to help make the register as reliable as possible and as a matter of urgency go to their polling stations to check their details. The Graphic also urges voters to avoid the tendency to always wait till the last minute, only to rush to the exhibition centres which always results in skirmishes by voters or political parties. It however implores the EC to also put its house in order so as not to create discomfort for registered voters as it will take a determined voter to go back to the polling stations to verify their names.

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