The GHANAIAN TIMES sees the proposed three-year varsity education as a very important opportunity to engage in a debate to arrive at a consensus that would shape tertiary education in line with what pertains in many other countries. It says arguably, Ghana’s education system has gone through several changes. Some have been beneficial, and others not. But it is necessary for the country’s education system to continue to undergo periodic reforms to keep pace with development around the world. The paper says it is logical for Ghanaians to work towards aligning the education system to conform with what pertains in other parts of the world.

The DAILY GRAPHIC asks Ghanaians to support the drone project since it will be extremely useful. It asks Ghanaians to consider the project since it has a lot of benefits and the relief it will bring to the many who, without that, will die in the hospitals because they do not have essential emergency medical drugs and blood.

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