The Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times both share their sentiments on the creation of new regions in the country. The Graphic acknowledges efforts of government in putting in place the necessary infrastructure and manpower, first with the nomination of people to serve as regional ministers and the establishment of Regional Coordinating Councils. The paper is conscious of the fact that, as the population expands many needs arise hence, the need to create more educational and health facilities as well as social amenities to serve the people. The challenge according to the paper is the fact that heavy centralisation of projects prevent efficient distribution of such amenities.

The Ghanaian Times for its partm supports Government’s decision to spread development projects in the new regions to decentralise governance in those areas. The paper believes the seed capital of 20 milion Ghana Cedis will go a long way in boosting development of those areas. It urges government to expedite the building of facilities to house the Regional Co-ordinating Councils to give meaning to the creation of the new regions.

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