The Ghanaian Times shares concerns about corruption in the public sector in Ghana and it is the Paper resolve to help government, state agencies and institutions to clamp down on the canker. That notwithstanding, the Paper says the ideals of the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda must not be distorted but rather pursued in its current format which focuses on economic independence and progression as it had been defined by President Akufo-Addo. The Times agrees that corruption is a threat to achieving a Ghana Beyond Aid . In this regard, the Paper calls for a well coordinated effort from all ,including individuals government and state agencies to tackle the menace.

The Daily Graphic welcomes the establishment of the Deposit Insurance Protection Scheme to protect depositors against the risk of bank’s collapse. The paper is of the view that the establishment of the insurance scheme has become necessary because of the collapse and revocation of licences of some financial institutions in recent times. The Deposit  insurance scheme is a measure to protect bank depositors, in full or in part, from losses caused by bank’s inability to pay their debts when due. To the Graphic, the measure is a step in the right direction, adding that the introduction of the scheme in the country is long overdue, as it is a tool needed to insure depositors’ funds, just as banks insure their physical assets.

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