The Ghanaian Times is worried about the absence of the MMDCEs at the recent Shea Forum. It says as a matter of fact, the nation deserves an explanation and indeed an apology from the absentee MMDCEs who are looked up to as role models at the local level and expected to be agents of development. The paper lauds the initiative of management of COCOBOB in organising the forum to deliberate on how to unearth the full potentials of the Shea industry to bring prosperity to the people of the region. It is hopeful that the failure of the MMDCEs would not dampen to people’s resolve to develop the Shea Industry to become a foreign exchange earner for the country.

The Daily Graphic writes on the many incidents of Police casualties and says something must be done to stop it. The paper acknowledges that these are many competing needs but says the country cannot trade security for any other thing. It urges the Police Administration to take another look at training and re-training of personnel to deal with the rising crime wave and resultant casualties among the peace officers. The Graphic says Ghana cannot afford to lose its breadwinners just because they have sacrificed to protect citizens. It reminds all that combating crime is a shared responsibility therefore they should volunteer information that will lead to the arrest of criminals. This it says will send the strongest signal to criminals that they cannot arrogate to themselves the power of lawlessness.

The Daily Heritage lauds the Water Sector Strategic Development Plan which is to provide a framework for achieving water and sanitation for all by 2025. It says three years into the programme regular water supply to parts of the country is still a challenge. The Heritage hopes that priority would be given to the water sector to provide potable water to all citizens.

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