The Daily Graphic finds the gradual sprawling of a furniture market on a segment of the shoulders of the Graphic road contrary to the bye laws against street hawking and trading. The paper is not surprised how certain companies continue to put the safety of pedestrians at risk by taking up too much space for pathways.The Graphic therefore reminds Ministries with oversight responsibilities such as the Local Government and Rural Development and Sanitation and water resources that they would be failing the country if Assemblies that allow such unlawful acts to be carried out are not sanctioned.

The Ghanaian Times agrees with the Minister of State in charge of tertiary education Prof. Kwesi Yankah calling for a halt to persistent changes in the country’s educational policies anytime there is a change in government. The paper believes the Minister has spoken the minds of many Ghanaians especially parents. The TIMES thinks the time is due for the country to adopt a single policy that must be allowed to run its full course. It urges government including parliament and civil society to work together to fashion out a suitable policy that will be acceptable by all

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