The Daily Graphic associates itself with the hub petroleum project, which cabinet gave approval for its establishment, particularly at a time when more discoveries are being made by players in the oil and gas industry in the country. According to the paper, development of the hub will increase the presence of major international oil trading and storage companies, create regional champions and encourage joint ventures between local,  international and multinational companies. It is the papers hope that once cabinet has approved the project, the necessary protocols, which will include some approvals from Parliament, will be hastened to see the project taking off.

The Ghanaian Times is astonished by reports that two Chinese nationals have been arrested for alleged illegal lumbering and charcoal burning at Have Audo No 1 in the Afadzato South District. Even more worrying to the paper is the fact that a local accomplice facilitated their entry into the country and facilitated their access into the forest to lumber and burn charcoal for export. It therefore urges the combined team of the security to investigate further and apprehend all those who made the illegal activity of the Chinese possible. It also calls on the security agencies to widen their net to catch all others who might have facilitated and played various roles in getting the Chinese into the forest.

The Daily Heritage is worried about reports from the Ghana Statistical Service indicating that about 600, 000 marriages contracted in the country in a year collapsed. According to the paper, this worrying trend requires increased efforts by Religious Ministers who bless marriages in the first place. The paper blames some criminals who parade themselves as men of God and muddy waters for Christendom. It calls on the clergy to urgently rein in their ministers else the country loses its moral groundings. It also calls for collective assistance in protecting the sanity of the institution of marriage and enhance Christendom.

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