The Daily Graphic calls on government to speed up the introduction of  renewable energy to the power generation mix of the country, in the wake of the recent power outages. According to the paper, Ghana’s electricity sector has been heavily reliant on the Akosombo Dam, which has seen water levels drop drastically. It says the thermal generation sources, which has been an alternative have faced problems as well, due to inconsistent supply of natural gas. The Graphic is hopeful that the Renewable Energy Act which was passed in 2011 will be implemented as soon as possible. This, the paper says will solve part of Ghana’s energy challenges.

The Ghanaian Times condemns the attack on three of its journalists by a police officer on an unregistered motorbike. These attacks add to the growing list of about 12 incidents against journalists in the past year with the police being the main perpetrators. It says, it is a shame that these cases are left to die naturally with mere assurances of investigations by the police while the victims are left traumatised with lasting injuries. The Times calls on Ghanaians to join in condemning these attacks and seek justice for the victims as well as help protect freedom of the media.

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