The Daily Graphic believes the successful conduct of the presentation of constitutional instruments, CI’s to Chiefs from the new regions should inform managers of the economy that there is the need to ensure the equitable and judicious distribution of the national cake so that no region is left out. The Graphic suggests policies and revenue generating schemes that will increase Internally Generated Funds to promote accelerated development in the new regions. The paper believes that if the practice is encouraged, pressure on the central government will be minimised.

The Ghanaian Times writes on the postponed Nigerian election. The paper lauds the signing of a peace treaty between the key contenders in the political race, President Buhari and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar. The Times believes peace can only prevail if the parties are committed to it and rally their supporters to restrain themselves from engaging in any violent act.  It urges all aspirants to accept the results of the polls, now slated for February 23, and show love for Nigeria by using laid down procedures instead of violence, to register grievances.

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