16th June, 2021


The Ghanaian Times says it is about time the state or regulatory authorities in all sectors did the needful to protect lives and property. This comes at the back of last Monday’s daylight Robbery attack on a bullion van at Adedeinkpo, near James Town in Accra, which saw a policeman and an onlooker killed and two others injured. It says as the police protect life and property they themselves also need protection. The Times, therefore, appeals to the Ghana Police Service to collaborate with the experts with regard to such protection which should include fortified vehicles and personal protective equipment such as bullet-proof gear. While the paper thinks other issues could be raised in relation to last Monday’s incident, it wishes to express its condolences to the bereaved families and wish the injured a speedy recovery.

The Daily Graphic commends the government and the Finance minister, Ken Ofori Atta for the foresight and intervention in providing opportunities for the youth to become entrepreneurial-minded. The paper says, Ghana like many African countries is battling with a bulgy youth unemployment situation that requires urgent and strategic solutions to address, and is therefore heartwarming that, the government has come to that realization and is keen on creating and sustaining the enabling environment for ideas to flourish. For this reason, the youth must consider setting up businesses and employ others in the process as charting the course for an entrepreneurial future for the country and needs to be encouraged. The Graphic notes the need for more young people to see themselves as job creators rather than job seekers so as to close the gap of unemployment by galvanizing their energies to create enterprises whose growth will ultimately take the economy to greater heights.

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