The Daily Graphic commends the Electoral Commission for extending the Exhibition of the Voters Register by three days. It says much as the EC recognizes the challenges therein, hence the extension of the exhibition, it is critical that the EC is mindful of its actions and inactions, especially as the country inches towards the 2020 general election. The Graphic asks that the EC continue with its stakeholder engagements to engender confidence in the electorate ahead of the December 17 Referendum and District Level Elections.

The Ghanaian Times discusses the need to find solutions to what it called ”the computerised placement conundrum”. The paper says the confusion in the placement of students into Senior High Schools came with the introduction of the Computerized system, which has been exacerbated by the Free Senor High School Programme. The paper says although parents have been eased off some financial obligations, the stress associated with the placement is ”unwarranted”. It is against this background that the Ghanaian Times calls on the authorities to consider a critical review of the Placement System, so as to bring some relief and sanity to the lives of parents and students.

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