The two national dailies; the Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times say it is time the pains of the families of the missing Takoradi girls are assuaged. The papers therefore calls on the public to remain calm and avoid blame games as they will not bring back the girls. The Graphic and Times charge the police to embark on a comprehensive image – building exercise to enable them to win back the confidence of the public by ensuring similar cases are dealt with properly in future. The papers implore the public to be security conscious at all times and endeavour to report suspicious characters around them to the security agencies.

The Daily Heritage expresses the need to help the Forestry Commission especially in the wake of galamsey and other activities in forests. It says if care is not taken, there would be no forest for about five generations. The Paper says forest loss has negative effect such as drying up of rivers and loss of biodiversity. The Heritage is of the view that it is time everyone checked the destruction of forests and make efforts to save them and other lands. The Paper supports calls by the Forestry Commission to persons living within forest areas to volunteer information that would help combat the activities of persons who are illegally destroying the forests.

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