As many Ghanaians welcomed the initiative to launch a digital addressing system last year with hope, the Daily Graphic commends the authorities for the success so far. The paper believes the absence of a reliable addressing system has had serious effects on emergency service delivery in the country. It bemoans the countless times emergency service personnel have had to roam the length and breadth of an area for hours when there is an attack on a person and disasters such as fire outbreak occurs. It therefore asks the initiators of the system to continue with the education to get more Ghanaians to download their addresses.

The Ghanaian Times is in agreement with the statement by the majority Chief Whip of the Senate of Nigeria, Professor Olusola Adeyeye at the 30th anniversary lecture of the late William Ofori Atta in Accra, on the institutionalisation of corruption in the governance structure of most African countries. The paper is sad that governance in most of Africa has been turned into what Professor Olusola calls “corruptocracy” which he explained as a government of the corrupt, by the corrupt and for the corrupt. The Times believes there is the need for attitudinal change and a paradigm shift from the old ways of governance to minimise or eradicate corruption in Africa. It hopes African leaders particularly the political class would listen to people like Professor Adeyeye and the anti-corruption movement to stop sleaze.

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