1st April, 2021

The Ghanaian Times urges Christians to see the celebration of Easter as a time to do better by way of showing love and care. The paper encourages people to uphold honesty, hard work, respect for one another, bearing in mind that once they believe in the existence of God, they should make their lives pleasing to Him. The Times says while people continue to reflect on the message of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday to commemorate the occasion, it is important they bear in mind the devastation of COVID-19 and obey the safety protocols. This way, they will not regret the excitement of Easter.

The Daily Graphic draws attention to what Christ stood for as Easter is celebrated. The paper believes the debate is not about whether or not one confesses to the Christian faith but about taking a cue from the life of the man who has hugely influenced human history. It says by Christ’s example on earth, citizens owe it a duty to diligently work for the progress and prosperity of the country. The Graphic cautions citizens not to allow the vaccination against COVID-19 and the drop in active cases to deceive them into being complacent. It says this is the time to be more cautious, wash hands frequently with soap under running water, use the nose masks consistently when in public, avoid shaking hands and use sanitizer to see the final annihilation of the virus. The paper says Ghana needs all not only alive but also healthy to contribute to the building of the country. The Graphic wishes all especially Christendom a Happy Easter.


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