As today marks World Mosquito Day, the Daily Graphic highlights interviews from some communities endemic with malaria, as well as what the National Malaria Control Programme is doing to eradicate the disease from the country. The stories according to the paper were aimed at creating awareness on the day and call on others to also help in hyping the day. The Graphic notes the nuisance and health threat that are caused by mosquitoes saying it is important mosquito populations are reduced around homes and recreational areas. It says adult mosquitoes are likely to invade other yards regardless of breeding suitability of the area. It is for this reason that the country and citizens must fight mosquitoes in a coordinated manner to ensure that little opportunity is allowed for breeding.

The Ghanaian Times applauds President Akufo Addo for showing the way in his statement at the inauguration of the $52 million hospital project which was initiated after Parliament had approved the loan agreement in 2008. The Times commends the President and hopes this will address the non-continuation of projects and embark on a journey into the future with continuity in governance.

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