The Daily Graphic believes that no matter one’s status in society, there is no justification to resort to begging, especially if it involves a child. The paper is worried about the involvement of children of school going age in begging. It admits that the poor will be with us always as the Good Book says. Nontheless, there is no excuse in begging. The paper, therefore, finds it heartwarming, the rescue of 71 child beggars from the streets of Accra, out of which 17 have been re-integrated with their families and advocates more of such rescue initiatives. The Graphic says the project, dubbed ‘Operation get off the street for better life’ is a life saver. It therefore urges the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to take up the challenges and liase with all agencies and NGO’s under it to holistically work towards the eradication of streetism and street begging.

The Ghanaian Times is disturbed about the needless deaths that have occurred as a result of conflicts over lands across the country. The paper is particularly, surprised that as many as four lives have been lost and 14 others injured in a conflict that could have been solved without violence in Japekrom and Drobo. It writes that killing each other over a piece of land would not resolve the matter and that conflict will only retard the area’s development. The Times urges the government through the Brong Ahafo Regional Security Council to get the two communities to sit at the table to resolve the matter in a friendly manner in order to ensure lasting peace.

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