27th March, 2021

The Ghanaian Times is elated about the resolution of the impasse between management and some students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, GIJ. It says considering the student protest against a directive for defaulters who paid their fees after the deadline to defer their programmes and the reaction afterwards, one can only support the GIJ management that they have been truly magnanimous in their dealings with the students. However, the paper finds it intriguing that the students refused to use the appropriate channels to resolve the matter, resorting to protest and turn around to render an apology. To this end, the Times suggest that peaceful settlement be used always in dealing with burning issues between feuding factions.

The Daily Graphic welcomes the sanitation and pollution levy by government. The Graphic, believes that it is incumbent on the government and the public to ensure that those who are assisting to keep the surroundings clean stay strong and healthy and not made to suffer. It says managing sanitation is so intensive that there is the need to marshal all resources to get it right. The Graphic said all levies must be paid into a Sanitation Fund and administered by the National Sanitation Authority to ensure equitable and timely disbursement to achieve the goal of a clean country.


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