The Daily Graphic says the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development, TICAD which is underway in Japan should be taken seriously, and calls on government to explore ways of using TICAD as a launch pad for economic growth. TICAD has over the years served as a platform for Japan to interact with African countries on new areas of bilateral and multilateral relations. The paper says enhanced bilateral and multilateral ties have become essential in solving misunderstandings between and among nations, which can translate to economic growth.

The Ghanaian Times supports the Northern Regional Security Council’s decision to deploy more security personnel to the region to help maintain law and order, in the wake of renewed clashes between groups in the area. The paper welcomes the institution of an awards scheme by the Regional Security Council, for informants who provide timely and accurate information that would lead to the arrest of individuals involved in criminal activities. The Times urges the security agencies to clamp down on crime in the area without shielding anyone in the name of politics.

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