The Daily Graphic is happy that the two main political parties have heeded to the Presidents directive to meet and find ways to disband vigilante groups. The paper is asking that processes should expand to include chiefs, Civil Society Organisations, and the media. The paper urges the parties to include discussions on how members of the vigilante groups can be made productive instead of being violent.

The Ghanaian Times celebrates 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, CRC. It says CRC has helped to strengthen the country’s laws on Child Rights. The paper believes Ghana has reasons to celebrate the anniversary. The Times commends government for implementing policies geared towards the protection of children from economic, sexual exploitation, violence, child labour and other forms of abuse. It also commends Child Rights advocates for how far they have come in their effort to provide protection for children. The Paper however believes that there is more work to be done to confront the challenges that faces children around the world especially in remote areas.

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