31st March, 2021

The Daily Graphic commends the Ministry of Education for its policy on re-admission of pregnant girls back to school. This policy, the paper says ensures that the right to education is enjoyed by all. It says this gives the promise that the country will certainly meet the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on ensuring inclusive and quality education and promoting life-long educational opportunities for all by 2030. The paper commends the STAR GHANA FOUNDATION for convening a meeting on this issue. The Graphic says by the STAR GHANA FOUNDATION led dialogue on the re-entry policy, Ghana believes there should be no barriers to education. The paper therefore, supports the call by GES to strengthen its Guidance and Counselling Units for them to provide the appropriate support for the young ones. The paper strongly believes that parental guidance, care and support is of prime importance in achieving that goal.

The Ghanaian Times believes President Akufo-Addo has made a case for Africa by asking Spain and the rest of Europe to provide strong support for the African Continental Free Trade Area of which other African leaders must share and make all efforts to use the AFCFTA to attract investment into their individual countries. To this end, the paper urges the remaining 18 countries to urgently resolve all outstanding issues and ratify the agreement for collective continental benefits and that of individual countries. The Times says the world has reached a stage where the so-called developed ones cannot do it alone. Therefore, Africa should make AFCFTA work to achieve its objectives.


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