The Ghanaian Times is worried revelations by the Water Quality Assurance Officer of Ghana Water Company, John Suobogbire that four of the 12 filters at the Weija dam are out of order. The paper notes that although the amount of money quoted for the repair of the damage parts may be high, the consequences of a breakdown of the dam are dire. The Times therefore appeals to government and the GWCL to as a matter of urgency, undertake repair works to restore the dam to its full capacity.

The Daily Graphic Commends government for its commitment to the fight against illegal mining by placing a ban on the importation of excavators. The paper believes whatever action government had  taken is an attestation that it is bent on ending the menace. The paper notes that it is not only illegal miners who use excavators. The decision will therefore have effect on arears such as road construction and quarries who also depend on these machines. The Graphic entreats cabinet to put measures in place so that others who use such excavators in their work will not suffer unduly from the ban. It appeals to officials on duty to be sincere to themselves and to the nation and work to help win the war against illegal mining

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