The Daily Graphic highlights the importance of Bicycle usage in the country as the world marks “World Bicycle Day”.  The paper find the day as a wake-up call to governments to provide the necessary infrastructure across countries to make riding easier, faster, safer and more comfortable for all.T he Paper is of the view that many of the pavements within cites which have been turned into markets by hawkers should be cleared of such people so that people on bicycles can ride freely. While providing the infrastructure to make riding more meaningful for the people, the Paper suggest to the government to find ways of making the importation of bicycles completely tax free to make bicycles affordable for all. Areas where people can ride should be well illuminated to prevent attacks by criminal-minded people. According to the Paper, It is their fervent hope that this day and beyond will be a major wake-up call for us to take the riding of bicycles in town more seriously.

The Ghanaian Times  reminds all of us about the deadly June 3 twin disaster that occurred five years ago yesterday, and which as a country, we appear to have forgotten about. The Paper says that Five years down the lane, survivors are still battling to live as some have been neglected by the society due to the severe burns they sustained during the fire outbreak, the blockade in Accra’s main storm drains, resulting from the non-desilting, as well as the building of settlements and habitations of squatters along the storm drains, are still with us and the restoration of the full discharge capacity of the Odaw channel into the Korle-Lagoon is yet to be resolved. Whiles appealing to the government and the city authorities to equitably compensate the victims who continue to be in agony five years on, the Paper reminds the city authorities that they owe it as a duty to ensure public safety and therefore must take the tough measures to prevent such disasters in future.

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