The Daily Graphic commends Ghana and the UK for fruitful relations over the years. The paper is particularly happy about trade relations between the two countries but is not enthused by the fact that while Ghana’s imports from the UK have grown by five per cent over the last five years, its exports to the UK have declined by over 46 per cent within the same period. It appreciates the President’s concern over the issue when he met the Prince of Wales at the Flagstaff House. The paper is also happy to follow the Prince’s itinerary since his arrival and hopes the knowledge he gains as he makes his rounds and experiences gathered will end in productive bilateral decisions that will benefit the two countries. The Graphic appeals to Prince Charles to use his influence to help prop up the volumes of exports from Ghana to the UK.
The Ghanaian Times reacts to issues surrounding the KNUST saga. The Paper is of the view that this is the time for cool heads to prevail and not to inflame any passions. It notes that if people go by this the issue will be resolved amicably without further provocation from any quarters. It believes the various stakeholders involved have good intentions as to what should be done to bring total peace on the KNUST Campus. The paper says it is important for everyone to note that the time has come to take preventive measures to avert chaotic situations instead of waiting for disaster or unpleasant consequences to occur before expressing concern over them.

The Daily Heritage appeals to everybody to play a role no matter how small it may be, in fighting the canker of Global Warming. The paper is worried about change in the weather patterns and the completely adverse effects of Climate Change felt in Africa especially Ghana mainly due to human activities. It encourages all stakeholders to aggressively fight against deforestation in forest belt, as well as stop the global habitation of the sea shore.5

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