5th October, 2020


As the Daily Graphic celebrates its 70th anniversary, the paper draws attention to the challenge facing the growth of the media saying the tendency for people is to sometimes rely on social media rumours. But as the digital media world expands, the challenges will be enormous and without editorial oversight, information is unchecked and rumours gain credence over truth. This is where the traditional media plays an important function of editorial oversight to provide reliable and accurate news. The paper demands accountability from public officials, and reminds its media counterparts to join it to ensure that collectively they discharge their responsibilities diligently to build a more unified country before, during and after the December polls.

The Ghanaian Times says the COVID-19 stimulus packages are essential for businesses. The National Board for Small Scale Industries therefore has a critical task to ensure that such stimulus packages become a useful tool in the recovery of businesses, especially Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises which are said to constitute the chunk of businesses in the country. To the paper, if these businesses receive the support and begin to flourish again, the positive impact would spread into the lives of their families and help solve social problems that have been heightened by the pandemic.

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