The Daily Graphic Commends President Akufo Addo for his speech at the Independence Day Parade in Tamale,urging Ghanaians to work towards thwarting chieftaincy disputes in the country.The Paper believes communities should be able to resolve Chieftaincy disputes before they get to unmanageable levels. The Paper calls on the Chieftaincy Ministry to follow up on documentation of succession to stools to inure to the benefit of the whole Country. This, the Paper believes will help deepen national cohesion, unity and respect for one another.

The Ghanaian Times calls for a lasting solution to the impasse between government and spare parts dealers on the high import taxes on luxury vehicles.President Akufo Addo met with the Council of State and key stakeholders in the hope of finding solutions to the concerns raised by luxury car dealers, who had threatened to embark on a strike. This was after levies were imposed on vehicles with high engine capacity. The Times is hopeful that the meeting will yield fruitful outcomes that would satisfy both parties.

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