April 28, 2021


The Daily Graphic calls for massive support for the black stars as they prepare to take part in the FIFA World Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations next year.  It says it is time to awaken the Continent’s sleeping giants who were one-time Africa’s first four-time champions.  The paper believes the STARS have gone to sleep for far too long having won their last continental tittle in 1982, allowing other teams to take away their shine. The paper appeals to Corporate bodies and Ghanaians in general to contribute to the 25-million-dollar budget allocated for the tournament, of which government has indicated to pay 10 million.  The Graphic calls on all to see their contribution as a national project deserving of their support given the importance of the Black-Stars in the nation’s psyche.


The Ghanaian Times calls on politicians to put to use projects completed by previous governments.  The paper believes the practice where public-funded projects started by previous administrations are abandoned by successive regimes has been a bane of the country’s development.  It says it is good news, that government has given the assurance that it will complete all abandoned and uncompleted projects. It is in light of this, that the Times appeals to government to live by its own pronouncement to ensure that all projects in parts for the country, are revamped and put to use for the benefit of all.

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