Editorials: August 16, 2021


THE GHANAIAN TIMES: calls on the public to adhere to safety measures to prevent Marburg diseases. It says the virus which is transmittable from fruit bats and spreads to people through body fluids is said to be deadly like Ebola. It says the virus disease has been detected in neighboring Guinea in which the victim died. The paper lauds the Ghana Health Service (GHS), for directing regional and district health facilities, as well as public health emergency management committees to include the Marburg disease in their agenda by way of preparedness and response plan to contain the virus. The paper appeals to GHS to heighten surveillance facilities at border post, particularly those at the western border and landing beaches. The Times advises individuals to seek medical care when they develop fever or show other symptoms and also observe the protocols of COVID -19 since the Marburg shares the same measures.

THE DAILY GRAPHIC: says the rampant accidents on our roads do not augur for the nation. Accidents have become rampant on our roads and it appears the nation is no longer bothered with road crashes. These avoidable accidents seem to suggest that some fundamental issues need to be addressed and key stakeholders from policymakers and enforcers, owners of vehicles, drivers and road safety educators cannot escape blame. It is about time we came aboard as a nation to help deal with the alarming rate of accidents and its attendant fatalities which do not only affect livelihoods of families but others who are maimed for life. While the paper applauds the government for investing in road infrastructure, it says resources should be allocated to road safety and research. The paper suggests to the National Road Safety Authority to take the campaign a notch higher and develop road safety campaign messages for drivers who believe that road safety is controlled, in part, by fate and destiny. It Graphic suggest that the campaign take the form of persuasive messages through traditional and social media

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