Christmas Concerts galore, amidst No Mask, No Entry policy

By Nathaniel Nartey

About 90 different Musical Concerts have been scheduled to take place in Accra alone as the Christmas festivities kick in.

Most of these Concerts are to be held at notable venues such as the Accra Sports Stadium, Accra International Conference Center, Afua Sutherland’s Park, and Osu Bloombar.

These Musical Concerts, some of which have already happened, is at a time the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been detected in the country.

Despite concerns that these gatherings may cause community spread of the virus, some people are calling for their cancellation, but the African Center for Health Policy Research and Analysis thinks otherwise.

Executive Director of the Health Think Tank, Dr. Thomas Anaba says although such concerns are genuine, cancellation of the events would be unfair to the Musicians and Artists who have been unable to hold such Concerts for the past two years.

He told Nathaniel Nartey that the Concerts can go ahead, but with strict measures including no mask no entry policy.

According to him, the operations of Churches, Malls and Markets are similar to these Musical Concerts, hence they should be allowed to perform.

”What we need to do is that concerts can come on but people should wear face masks and the numbers should not be too much at the various venues.It is best to do them in open air spaces and not in closed environments”.

Responding to questions on the feasibility of adhering to the wearing of nose masks directive looking at the general decline in wearing of nose masks in the country, he said ”It will not be problematic because there is an entry point and if you enforce it, people will wear the nose masks. If going to church to sing should not cause the spread of Covid-19, why would going to concerts cause the spread of Covid-19″.


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