‘Alomo Gyata’ and I are cool now- Aligata App

Alomo Gyata and I are cool now- Aligata App
Aligata App

By Nana Ama Gyapong

A song that was written out of pain by a man who got his heart broken by a woman has openly said that he and the lady are friends now after the song went viral.

He made this revelation on LifeStyleTv’s Ebitz earlier today.

According to the Alomo Gyata hitmaker, “I was in love with a lady who loved me back equally, and that turned into jealousy which later became her insecurities. After a while she thought I would break her heart and so she decided to do that to me first and that hurt me so much, that made me compose the song”. 

He explained how he felt after getting heartbroken, saying, “it took me months to get out of the situation because we were really serious about each other and that was my first heartbreak which occurred in 2020. The memories kept lingering in my head and my heart, I cried a little because with broken heart it mostly hits you hard at night especially when you have been blocked by the person you love and there’s no way to explain yourself and that was a very painful situation, but I was saved by music and that’s how come we are still friends now”.

Alomo Gyata is a refix of the original song “akwakwa hiani”. 

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