‘Beef’ is the easiest way to get attention- M.anifest tells BBC

‘Beef’ is the easiest way to get attention- M.anifest tells BBC

By: Seli Baisie

Ghanaian rapper M.anifest has disclosed that ‘Beef’ is part of life and it is the easiest way to get attention.

According to him, life is about different philosophical points of view.

“Me, I have beef with the institutions. That’s life. Life is about different philosophical points of view, always going at each other. Whether it is in literature, whether it is in politics, religion… so we just inherited the world.”

Speaking to the BBC’s Peter Okowche, the ‘God MC’ said, “Beef is part of life, but also people really recognize the financial benefit of attention. Attention is the new currency; attention is the new drive that everybody feeds on, and beef is the easiest way to get attention.”

The award-winning rapper also mentioned that his muse for writing music is through reading, listening, watching, speaking, and being an active knowledge seeker.

“My muse evolves over time. But definitely, it’s taking the world in, whether it’s through reading, listening, watching, or speaking, that is constantly my muse sort of interacting with the world actively and then also being an active knowledge seeker.”

Born Kwame Ametepe Tsikata, the rapper also stated that musicians and creatives have become aware that when one resonates with people, they are going to be successful.

“So, sometimes it takes one or two people who take the risk to make music or to make act that reflects life or touching on certain things and it resonates and other people follow it. People who I thought that yo music is for escapism oh Africa is too hard, and we are making music is to escape and dance. It’s a lie,” the best lyricist noted.

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