Comedians shouldn’t have limits- MJ The Comedian

Comedians shouldn’t have limits
MJ The Comedian.

By Seli Baisie

Ghanaian Comedian and Comic Actor, Timothy Musah Junior Abaaddu, popularly known as MJ the Comedian, has disclosed that Comedians are very intelligent, smart, and creative individuals who are able to maneuver their way through to make people laugh.

According to him, a Comedian is not a fool.

“If you are not intelligent, it will take you forever to create a 2 seconds video. A Comedian is not a fool. Seriously, a Comedian is a very intelligent, smart, and creative person who is able to maneuver his way through to make people laugh. That’s a Comedian, not a fool. But, a Comedian, performs and gets paid. But a fool, fools around and get nothing”, MJ The Comedian asserted.

The stand-up Comedian made this known on the GTV Breakfast Show on May 26, 2022.

MJ the Comedian is widely known on social media for his skits and has also collaborated with other Comedians including, Jeneral Ntatia, Clemento Suarez and Kojo Nkansah.

In 2017, MJ the Comedian received the Emerging Person Comedian of the Year award from Readers of the Leading Comedy Portal, He is known for Ghana’s famous skit series, “Lagadat” and he is also the brain behind the annual signature event, ‘The dashiki walk’, where he gathers people to wear their African prints and walk as a form of exercise.

On the issue of Comedians being assaulted in recent times, the Comedian was asked if he has ever had such an encounter, he responded by saying Comedians should not be limited. He said that Comedy is their creative space and they should be allowed to operate to their full potential.

“When you limit a Comedian for being creative the person would not be very creative enough. So, comedians shouldn’t have a limit.. people say comedians should have limit, a joke has two sides so if I drop a joke that doesn’t favour you, relax there is another joke that may favour you”, he added.

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