Ghanaian Churches go traditional!

By Hagar Owusu.

There was a display of rich Ghanaian culture at the Good News Methodist Church at North Kaneshie on Sunday, as the church went traditional.

Members from the regions stepped out in a variety of traditional attire. They say Christianity and culture are closely connected.

Ghana has a beautiful way of projecting her culture and prides herself in the beauty of the nation’s distinct traditions. Greater Accra and its Kpalogo dance with its beautiful twisting and movements. But that was the only performance, the beautiful culture of Tsotsoobi – the outdooring of a child was beautifully crafted for the congregation.

Have you heard of Acheke na paya? That delicious meal – a distinct feature of the people of the Western Region.

Do you know Dipo and its significance to the young girl? The people of the Eastern Region communicated this aptly.

They also treated them with the Kpledzo dance.

The language and the communication of the traditional smock of the regions of the North also featured.

Mention the Boborbor dance and the Volta Region will serve you the best of it.

What about the dance that allows performers to communicate their emotions and feelings through their hands and feet? The Ashanti’s were also there with the Adowa Dance.

To the church, the cultural values and practices are still relevant to Christianity and the need to drum home the importance of such in the church.


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