Gyakie holds exclusive listening session for “My Diary” EP


BY: Seli Baisie

Jackline Acheampong, popularly known as Gyakie, has held an exclusive listening session for her new project, ‘My Diary’EP.

The Song Bird surprised her fans by performing songs from her My Diary EP on Thursday, July 21 in Accra. This event was prior to the EP release.

The 6-track EP revealed a feature collaboration with the Nigerian hitmaker, Davido.

Speaking at the event, Gyakie narrated how her song collaboration with Davido titled, Flames came to fruition.

According to her, the collaboration was unexpected.

“Around I think April, I ended up going to David’s place, and we were playing unreleased songs, having a musical session. So, apparently, the ‘Flames’ was actually not on the project. So, the project has just five songs with no collaboration. And then when we played a lot of the songs, he actually liked this very song so much, he said he was going to jump on it, and then we ended up putting it on the EP. That was so last minute. And this is actually very huge for me because we all know he’s an African superstar OB.

She continued: “And I actually didn’t expect it to happen just right now, do you get it? So, looking back at how far everything has been for me, having Davido on the EP is like a big big deal for me. And I’m so proud. And I’m very appreciative of the fact that he actually jumped of the song and then we actually ended up with something amazing.

Musicians, TV personalities, bloggers, fans, and Gyakie’s management team came out to support.

The Afrobeat singer’s Manager, Emmanuel Sedo, known in the showbiz circle as Electro Mirror’, was also present and he took the opportunity to express his gratitude to everyone who has been supporting his label, Flip The Music, saying they should expect more from their camp.

The ‘My Diary’ EP drops on Friday, July 22.

The EP owes production credits to Altra Nova, iPappi, Soji, Jay Weathers, and AJ , P Priime and Sosa.

It was also executive produced by Electro Mirror, mixed and mastered by Altra Nova.

The Song Bird has already released two songs prior to the EP release, which has gained massive play across the globe. These songs include: Something and For My Baby.

Here’s the tracklist for the ‘My Diary’ EP

1. Audience ft Song Bird

2 . Far Away

3. For My Baby

4 . Flames ft. Gyakie & Davido

5. Something

6 . Waka Waka

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