I had a bad relationship with my Dad because I chose Music- Samini


By Benedicta Konadu

Ghanaian popular reggae Dance Hall Artiste, Emmanuel Andrew Samini has stated that he did not have a good relationship with his Dad because he chose to be a Musician even his (Dad), was a music lover.

According to him, his Dad wanted him to pursue his academic dream of becoming a Lawyer because he did not think he would make money from Music.

” My Dad wasn’t a fan of the stage and the art even though loves Music he played most of the Music that I listened to in the early age but, because the stage wasn’t so sure of being lucrative or being, you know, if you may say. So, me and him didn’t meet eye to eye for a few years even though we were living in the same house sometimes, I would be lurking around till he lives before I feel free around because when he sees you around, he wants to know why …….and all of those stuff. So, we didn’t really get along for a few years, but he is my guy.

He wanted me to pursue the academic dream, that I had because I had always wanted to be a Lawyer. I’ve always wanted to do that and my siblings had done the degrees you know so when I did high school, high, he expected that I go straight into University, but then the arts took me and I just wouldn’t go to University”, he noted.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show, the Reggae Musician stated that his Dad became comfortable and supported his music career after he saw him on Television.

“Later on I understood what he was doing and then when I proved what I was doing on TV that also made him kind of relaxed to the extent that when I came on TV and I didn’t have money, because I was on TV with no money and ‘yoo wo mp3 karaoke nhwe (local dialect expressing situation), me then I was comfortable to sometimes say, you know, then I could do the same to mom as well. So they were supportive until the big Bank came in”, he added

Samini confessed that his mother was his biggest fan, when he began Music.

” I am more of a mummy’s boy if you could say she was like my biggest fan when these whole things started”, he added.

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